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Civic Education


About Political Parties

Political parties have a very important role to play, among stakeholders of the electoral process, as they contribute to enable citizens cast their votes. 

This simply means that political parties must bear in mind that an election is not prepared on the eve of polls. While awaiting the beginning of registration on electoral registers, they should formulate strategies in view of : 

  • Mobilising and guiding citizens towards registration on electoral registers ; 
  • Assisting their militants and sympathisers to obtain the national identity card, an essential document without which it is difficult to identity these citizens.  

Moreover, political parties must be conversant with provisions of the new Electoral Code so as to best understand their role in the electoral process and to fully perform it when the time comes. 

About Citizens

Pending the beginning of registration on electoral registers, every citizen of voting age is expected to satisfy three conditions: 

  1. Keep his/her ears open, at the right time, of practical details for the recompilation exercise that ELECAM shall release to the general public; 
  2. Ensure that he/she is holder of a national identity card, a document by which every citizen is formally identified during registration;
  3. Inquire from neighbours about the nearest voting centres to their residence so as to choose, on time, his/her voting centre at the time of registration; 
  4. Trace the ELECAM Council Branch of his/her council area in order to obtain accurate information. 

About Civil Society

In terms of registration on electoral registers, Civil Society Organisations may lend their assistance to the smooth conduct of the exercise by taking part in the information and awareness drive that would be carried out all through the period of registration on electoral registers.

In view of offering the best support to the electoral process, Civil Society Organisations must: 

  • Continue to build base at the level of grassroots, meaning,  within the different communities across the national territory; 
  • Also, be conversant with provisions of the new Electoral Code to get the right information on the process; 
  • Network to render their action more effective;
  • Build their own communication network with Cameroonians at home.

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