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About Registration

About the Qualification of Electors

Who is an Elector?

An elector shall be,every person of Cameroonian nationality of either sex, who has reached the age of twenty (20) years ,is registered on an electoral register and is free from all cases of disqualification provided for by law.

Who can be registered on an electoral register?

  1. Every Cameroonian citizen enjoying the right to vote who has their home of origin or place of abode within a council area or has actually been resident therein for at least the last six (6) months may be entered in the electoral register in such council area.
  2. Every Cameroonian citizen who does not satisfy the age or residence conditions at the time of revision of electoral registers may also be entered in the electoral register, provided they satisfy such conditions before final closure of the said register or, if need be,by polling day.
  3. Every member of the Armed Forces and person of equivalent status in any corps may be entered in the electoral register of the place where their unit or home port is established without taking into account the residence condition.
  4. Every Cameroonian citizen who proves that their name is on the income tax assessment list of a given constituency for the fifth consecutive year may likewise be entered on the electoral register of such constituency.

In the case referred to inh above,any application for registration shall necessarily be accomplished by a certificate issued the Council Branch office of Elections Cameroon having jurisdiction over the applicat's place of abode or habitual residence to the effect that the applicant is not regulated or that they have been struck off the electoral register.

Electoral Disqualifications

Who should not be registered on an electoral register?

  1. Whoever has been convicted of a felony.
  2. Whoever has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment, without suspension, of more than three (3) months.
  3. Whoever has sentenced to a term of imprisonment, accompanied by suspension of sentence or probation, of more than six (6) months.
  4. Whoever is subject to a warrant of arrest.
  5. Whoever is an un-discharged bankrupt who has been so adjudged either by a Cameroonian court or a foreign judgement enforceable in Cameroon.
  6. Whoever is insane or of unsound mind.
  7. Whoever has been convicted of any offence against the security of the State, without being rehabilitated or granted amnesty, may not be entered on any electoral register for a period of ten (10) years.

The period of ten (10) years provided for above shll run from the day of release for persons sentenced to a term of imprisonment or from the day of payment of the fine,where applicable.

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