Election of Municipal Councillors

Specific Provisions

Municipal councillors are elected for a term of office of five (5) years by universal suffrage and direct and secret ballot and they shall be eligible for re-election.

The election takes place twenty (20) days before the expiry of the term of office of municipal councillors.

All the seats of municipal councillors are renewed every five (5) years at the same date.However, if need be, the President of the Republic may, by decree, extend or abridge the term of office of municipal councillors for a period not exceeding eighteen months, after consultation with the Government and the Bureau of the Senate.

Each council shall constitute an electoral constituency.

Voting shall be for a list of candidates without voters indicating any preference of candidates nor transferring candidates from one list to another.

Each list shall take into consideration the various sociological components of the constituency concerned and gender aspects.

Municipal councillors shall be elected through a mixed single round ballot, comprising a majority system and a proportional representation system.

After the Ballot

  • The list that obtains an absolute majority of votes cast shall win all the seats available.
  • If no list obtains an absolute majority of the votes cast, the seats shall be shared as follows:
  1. The list with the highest number of votes shall be allocated half of the seats rounded off, if need be, to the nearest whole number above.
  2. Where there is a tie between two (2) or more lists, the number of seats rounded off to the nearest whole number above shall be allocated to the list with the highest average age.
  3. The remaining seats shall be allocated to the other lists, including the list with a relative majority, through the application of proportional representation to the lists with the highest votes;
  4. Where there is a tie in the number of votes, the seat (s) shall be allocated to the list with the highest voting age.

Lists which obtain less than 5% of the votes cast in the constituency concerned shall not be eligible for the proportional distribution of seats.

Seats shall be allocated to candidates in the order in which they appear on each list.

Number of Councils Controlled per Political Party Following the 30 September 2013 Municipal Election

Number of councils controlled per political parties following the Municipal Elections of 30 September 2013:










Total of Councils=360


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