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Voter Education module 2

03.07.2014 - 08:51

What keeps Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), the body responsible for elections in Cameroon, busy during a non-election year?

In answer to this question, we begin by stating that the electoral cycle provides for a certain number of phases that are set in motion by the proclamation of results of a poll. From then on, the body responsible for elections embarks upon the preparation of future polls, namely through civic education, training of electoral stakeholders and continuation of registration on electoral registers.

In its Section 22, the Electoral Code specifies that the Directorate General of Elections is responsible, among other missions, for the material preparation of election operations.

It is in this regard that within the framework of such preparation, ELECAM has, since the proclamation of results of the twin legislative and municipal elections of 30 September, 2013, continued to draw up the voters’ register, particularly through the annual revision of electoral registers, launched since 2 January, 2014, an exercise expected to carry on till 31 August, 2014. While registration goes on, ELECAM is updating the voters’ register by undertaking tasks involving deletion and modification of voter names.

In the same vein, the Directorate General of Elections, on 13 February, 2014, officially launched the biometric recompilation of electoral registers among the Diaspora, in Libreville, Gabon, an exercise currently underway within 40 (forty) diplomatic missions covering 32 (thirty-two) countries.

Along this same light, ELECAM is also busy safeguarding election materials and documents across the national territory.

Past 31 August, 2014, ELECAM shall get down to drawing up and publishing voter lists before producing and distributing new voter cards, in collaboration with the competent joint commissions.

At the conclusion of these revision exercise and on the basis of documents and data forwarded by ELECAM Regional Branches, the Director General of Elections, will then draw up and make public the national voter list, not later than 30 December, 2014, as laid down by provisions of the Cameroonian Electoral Code.

ELECAM is also making the most of this non-election year to build the capacity of its staff through the organisation, participation in seminars and electoral fairs.

Meanwhile, thanks to the experience garnered by Elections Cameroon, the body is often solicited, here and there, to lend its views on electoral matters, and at the same time some of its officials are co-opted into election observer missions.

Elections Cameroon, far from “twiddling its thumbs” within this non-election period, rather “has its work cut out”.


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