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Electoral Education Module 3: Revision of Electoral Registers

11.07.2014 - 07:35

In accordance with provisions of Section 74 of the Cameroonian Electoral Code, electoral registers are permanent and are subject to an annual revision, spanning from January 1 to August 31, across the national territory.

The said revision of electoral registers revolves around two major axes, namely, updating and cleaning up the electoral roll.

Top on the update features registration on electoral registers and various modifications.

Registration within the revision period mentioned above only concerns: persons who, in the meantime, have reached voting age; persons who could not enter their names during the biometric recompilation of electoral registers in 2013; persons who, in the period in-between, have recovered their electoral qualification; and persons who have changed their place of residence.

Modifications to be made on the electoral roll concern a change of residence and material errors identified, notably regarding the elector’s full name, parentage, date and place of birth.

Cleaning up the electoral roll, on the other hand, involves adding or striking off (delete) from electoral registers, certain categories of citizens.

Thus, are added to electoral registers, citizens who satisfy the conditions required by law and those previously omitted.

Stroke off from electoral registers are: deceased persons; persons whose deletion was ordered by the competent judicial authority; those who no longer satisfy the conditions required by law; and finally those who were unduly registered.

As a reminder, the annual revision of electoral registers is suspended starting from the date when the electorate is convened to the poll.

As laid down by the Electoral Code, the Chairperson of the Revision Commission has, no later than  September 5, to forward proceedings on the said commission’s work to the competent Divisional Branch of Elections Cameroon, including annexes as well as documents relating to deletions and modifications. The said Divisional Branch must, in turn, transmit the provisional electoral registers to the Council Branch concerned, for posting on Branch billboard, no later than October 20.

It is worth mentioning that upon publication of these provisional electoral registers, any political party or elector may notify the Revision Commission, or, where appropriate, the Divisional Supervisory Commission, of any irregularities or omissions noticed.

Not later than November 10, the ELECAM Divisional Branch is expected to receive the report on modifications made on the electoral registers and after drawing up the revised electoral roll of that Division, must forward such roll to the Regional Branch, which, has up to December 10, to channel it to the Director General of Elections. The latter, as a last resort, must then draw up and publish the national voters’ register, not later than December 30.


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