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Voter Education module 1

03.07.2014 - 08:42

Zoom on the Cameroonian electoral process

The electoral process may be perceived as an array of consecutive procedures whose implementation is required for a thorough organisation of elections. An election involves three main phases: pre-election, election and post-election.

·      The pre-election phase preceding elections revolves around aspects such as registration on electoral lists; drawing up and publication of the voters’ register; printing and distribution of voter cards; endorsement of candidates; election campaign; preparations for the poll and pre-election disputes.

·      The election phase includes voting and all activities carried out on polling day.

·      The post-election phase on its part, embraces the centralisation of results; post-election disputes and proclamation of results.

In Cameroon, the electoral process is facilitated by stakeholders, top among which features, ELECAM, the independent body responsible for the organisation, management and supervision of all election and referendum operations.

Other stakeholders identified by the Electoral Code under Section 11 (2) involve the Administration, the judiciary, political parties and where necessary, civil society.


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