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2013 Legislative and Municipal elections

09.07.2013 - 18:01

Legal provisions for nomination of candidates

                          TERM OF OFFICE AND VOTING SYSTEM

Candidates are elected for term of 5 (five) years by universal suffrage and direct and secret ballot 

Voting is by list system without voters indicating any preference or transferring candidates from one list to another;

The composition of each list must take into consideration: the different sociological components of the electoral constituency concerned and gender aspects;

They are eligible for re-election.


                              QUALIFICATION OF CANDIDATES

 Any Cameroonian citizen, of either sex, who enjoys the right to vote and is entered on electoral registers, is aged 23 (twenty-three) years at the date of the election and can read and write English or French can be nominated as a candidate for election to the National Assembly.


                               NOMINATION OF CANDIDATES

 Candidatures are, within 15 (fifteen) days from the convening of the electorate, to be made out in nomination paper in triplicate, bearing the legalised signature of candidates.



  •  Full name, date and place of birth, parentage, occupation and residence of the candidate;
  •  The name of the list and political party sponsoring such list;
  •  The emblem selected for the purpose of printing ballot papers or of identifying the party;
  •  The name of the representative of the list, whether he/she is candidate or not and residence of candidates;
  •  Evidence of consideration of the sociological components of the electoral constituency in drawing up the list;
  •  Evidence of consideration of gender in drawing up the list;
  •  Any emblem comprising all the three colours: green, red and yellow, is forbidden.



                           Documents attached to the nomination paper

  •  A copy of his/her birth certificate, not more than 3 (three) months old and not a copy of the birth certificate (see Council)
  •  A certificate of nationality;
  •  A criminal record (Bulletin No. 3), not more than 3 (three) months old;
  •  A declaration by which the substantive or alternate candidate testifies, on his/her honour, that his/her name appears only on that list and that he/she is not the object of any of the disqualifications provided for by the law;
  •  A tax certificate or a tax exemption certificate;
  •  An attestation of registration on an electoral register  (see form at the Council Branch);
  •  The original receipt of payment of deposit;
  •  An attestation by which the political party sponsors the person as candidate 



Members of parliament:

CFA (1 000 000) francs to be jointly paid by the candidate and his/her alternate into the Public Treasury.

Municipal councellors:

 CFA 50 000 (fifty thousand) francs to be paid into the Public Treasury by each candidate