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Electoral process: a Central African mission at ELECAM.

25.07.2016 - 11:39

A Delegation from the Central African National Electoral Authority paid a working visit to Elections Cameroon, from 18 to 21 July 2016, in view of gathering experience on the organisation and management of elections in Cameroon.

The mission from the National Electoral Authority (ANE) concluded a four-day visit on Cameroonian soil, devoted particularly to Elections Cameroon, geared towards sharing best practices as well as building the capacity of ANE members.

Talking about the visit, Julius Rufin NGOUADE-BABA, spokesperson and general rapporteur for the CAR National Elections Authority disclosed that, “elections are around the corner; municipal elections, to be more specific, in view of putting in place the Senate. Conscious that elections constitute a long process, we intend to begin preparations as well as laying down the organisation as early as possible. The purpose of this working visit is therefore to exchange on best practices and build the capacity of ANE members”.

Moreover, the spokesperson for the ANE delegation explained that the choice of Cameroon was motivated by three criteria: “firstly, Cameroon is just a stone throw, an important factor, which implies fairly similar cultural and ethnic communities. And thus, we believe that Cameroon’s experience can be more easily adapted to the Central African Republic; secondly, we took into account the vast experience of ELECAM”, Julius Rufin NGOUADE-BABA underscored. The Central African delegation equally visited the Supreme Court, where it was received by André BELOUMBE, the President of the Administrative Bench. The two parties exchanged on the experience of Cameroon in the resolution of election disputes and the proclamation of results.

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