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Relations with Election Stakeholders and Partners

The President of the Electoral Board or the Director General of Elections, within the framework of their respective duties and competence, may call upon a State Administration either through the Minister in charge of Territorial Administration or directly.

In order to enhance the efficiency and transparency, any transaction between the President of the Electoral Board and a State Administration shall be brought to the notice of the Director General of Elections and vice versa.

Similarly, whenever the Minister in charge of Territorial Administration officially contacts one of the two principal officials of Elections Cameroon, the other shall be informed by the one contacted.

The Electoral Board shall organize consultation meetings with the Administration, political parties, the civil society and the media within the framework of the management of the Electoral process.

A resolution of the Electoral Board shall lay down a permanent framework for consultation between Elections Cameroon and Election stakeholders.

Ad hoc meetings with stakeholders may be organized at national, regional or local levels.

The administrative official with territorial competence shall be informed of all meetings organized between Elections Cameroon and political parties, the civil society and the media and shall be invited to attend them.

The Director General of Elections or his representative shall take part in meetings with election stakeholders.

Elections Cameroon may establish and develop collaboration ties with public or private partners, whether national or foreign, within the framework of the accomplishment of its missions and in compliance with the provisions of the Constitution and laws and regulations in force.

Elections Cameroon shall inform the Government of all offers or requests made and of all collaboration agreements signed with partners and shall forward to it copies of agreements and reports established within the framework of this collaboration.

          ELECAM has established collaboration ties with the United Nations Organisation and some of its agencies (UNDP,UN Women, UNIFEM, Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Central Africa), the African Union (AU), the Commonwealth, “l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (O.I.F.C.)”, the European Union, the Electoral Commissions and Electoral Administrations of Central African States (CEEAC), the Electoral Institute of South Africa (EISA), the Network for Enhanced Electoral and Democratic support (NEEDS) and Sightsavers.

Collboration with Public Administrations


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