Elections Cameroon in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of External Relations, the Ministry of Territorial Administration, and the Ministry of Defence held an information meeting with national and international observers accredited for the upcoming twin election, on Wednesday, 5 February 2020, at the Yaounde Conference Centre.

Fours to Election Day, Elections Cameroon, the Ministry of Territorial Administration, the Ministry of External Relations, the Ministry of Defence and the Secretariat of State for Defence held an information meeting with international and national observers accredited for the elections of 9 February 2020. The Conference Centre served as venue for the said meeting that brought together a broad spectrum of observers. The meeting had as objective to enable Elections Cameroon and the administrations concerned by the imminent twin election to inform and share views with the observers on logistic and security measures put in place, for the purpose of ensuring their deployment nationwide. This meeting recorded the participation of some one thousand or more national and international observers and, afforded an opportunity for the Director General of Elections, Erik ESSOUSSE, the respective representatives of MINAT, MINREX and MINDEF to review the level of preparedness for the twin election in their various domains of competence. At the conclusion of the meeting, relevant documentation was handed out to the observers, to equip as well as enable them to setout more effectively on the field and the latter welcomed the measures taken by ELECAM and the administrations concerned to secure success in the imminent twin election. The event was befittingly crowned by a family picture, after the observers committed to remain objective and impartial in the performance of their mission.