#237VoteElections Cameroon and other stakeholders of the electoral process in synergy for a free, fair, transparent and inclusive election.

Participants completely satisfied after meeting between ELECAM, the media and the political parties competing for upcoming elections. 

Section11 paragraph 2 of the Electoral Code provides that: “The Electoral Board shall hold consultations with the Administration, the judiciary, political parties and, where necessary, civil society within the framework of the management of the electoral process”. It is within the framework of this provision of the Electoral Code and in prelude to the Legislative and Municipal elections of 9 February 2020 that ELECAM organised, on Thursday, 23 January 2020, a meeting with all other stakeholders of the electoral process. The meeting, which saw the participation of several competing political parties, the media and representatives of civil society, was held at the Directorate General of Elections Cameroon, located in the administrative neighbourhood in Yaounde.

The meeting held under the theme: 2020 Legislative and municipal elections: for a more effective and inclusive participation, assurance of social cohesion.

The purpose of these meetings was to enable participants, on the one hand, to appropriate the legal framework of elections with reference to recent amendments to the Electoral Code, and on the other hand, to mutually agree on rules and principles to be observed in view of an ethical and responsible electoral campaign. This broad consultation ended on a note of satisfaction on the part of all participants.