Municipal and Legislative elections of 9 February 2020,no breathing space for Members of the ElectoralBoard of Elections Cameroon

The fourth session as of right of the Electoral Boardin viewof the Legislativeand MunicipalElections of 9 February 2020 held this Friday, 27 December 2019,as from 10 am,in theConference Room of the Elections Cameroon Head Office, located within the Administrative neighbourhood.In his opening statement, the Chairperson of the Electoral Board, ENOW Abrams EGBE,lauded the spontaneitywith which Members of the ElectoralBoard heeded to his invitation andthe professionalism, selflessness, the legalist spirit as well as the absolute transparencythey demonstratedfor the duration of the 10 (ten) days taken to scrutinise nomination papers, within the framework of this twin election. In point of fact, this session,holding in the aftermath of hearings on pre-electoral disputes, is devoted essentially tothe publication of lists of candidateswho have obtained the right to rehabilitation, to the confirmationof rejectionsand to lists of candidates where the competent courts have ordered for the clerical errors involving their files be rectified. The Chairperson of the ElectoralBoard announced that at the conclusion of this session, and at the close of the present deliberations, thesaid lists shall be made publics.