ELECTORAL PROCESS : Oath taking at the Yaounde Conference Centre by Members of the Electoral Board, recently appointed by presidential decree of 16 September 2019

The Constitutional Council, on Wednesday, 16 October 2019, witnessed the oath taking of Members of the Electoral Board, appointed by presidential decree of 16 September 2019. In point of fact, Mr Pierre TITI NWEL, Mr Christopher TITU TAMBE, Mrs TSANGA Delphine, Mr Mouhamadou BOUKAR, whose terms of office were renewed by the Head of State, and Mr NJIPENDI Salifou, newly appointed, swore to fully and faithfully discharge their duties. The oath was duly witnessed by the President of the Constitutional Council, Clément ATANGANA, in the presence of all members of the said Council, meeting for the circumstance as prescribed by Section 12 (6) of the Electoral Code: “Before assuming office, members of the Electoral Board shall take oath before the Constitutional Council…”

Shortly after members of the Council took their seats in the hall, Clément ATANGANA, President of Constitutional Council made a statement for the occasion, in which he reminded the audience of the legal provisions that govern the oath taking of members of the Electoral Board, and then gave a brief summary of the professional career of each of the five appointed members. At the end of his opening statement, Clément ATANGANA, President of the Constitutional Council handed over the floor to the Chief Registrar who read out to the audience, in its entirety, the presidential decree appointing and renewing the term of office of the five members of the Electoral Board about to take oath in the two official languages. Then followed the oath taking in this terms: “I swear to fully and faithfully discharge my duties and to exercise my office without fear or favour in accordance with the Constitution and laws in force, to ensure the confidentiality of proceedings and votes, to abstain from taking public positions and to decline any consultation on matters falling within the purview of Elections Cameroon”,

Thus, through these terms, each of the members made a solemn pledge before the people of Cameroon.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of the Chairperson of the Electoral Board, ENOW Abrams EGBE, the Vice-Chairperson and members of the Electoral Board, the Director General of Elections, ESSOUSSE Erik, the Deputy Director General of Elections, ABDOULKARIMOU and staff members of Elections Cameroon, who turned out in their numbers to cheer the appointees. The ceremony was finally crowned by a picture session.