Persons With Disabilities and Elections

Section 2 of Law No. 2O10 of 13 April 2010 relating to the protection and welfare of Persons with Disabilities defines disability as “limitation of a person’s ability, due to a deficiency, to fully participate in an activity in a given environment”. The same law defines the person with a disability as, “any person who is unable to fulfil by themselves all or part of the requirements of a normal personal or social life, as a result of a physical or mental disability, be it of birth or otherwise”. In respect of these realities and given the need to ensure the social and political integration of persons with disabilities, the Lawmaker, under Section 27 (2) of this law, specifies that, “the State shall encourage the presence of persons with disabilities in various bodies of social and political integration of persons with disabilities”.

With a view to give effect to these ideas and make the most of on the recent the population census in Cameroon reveals some 8 771 557 persons with disabilities of voting age, Elections Cameroon, through this sub-menu, is determined to facilitate and ensure an effective consideration of persons with disabilities through out the electoral process. This menu hopes therefore to provide media practitioners with specific information on the domain.