Born on the 12 of November 1971 in Bambui, the North West Region, Mr. Nga Gasper Thairinyuy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Modern Letters from the University of Yaounde1, where he studied between 1991-1994. He later moved to the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus, there, he studied and obtained a Master’s Degree in English Literature and Humanities in the year 2000. Mr. Nga started his career in 1994 at the Catholic Nursing School Shisong inKumbo where he taught English, French, Sociology and Psychology. Between 1999-2001, he taught English language and Literature at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus as Assistant Lecturer.

His passion for teaching further took him to SAMONYOLU LISESI, Ankara in Turkey, where he lectured English and French Languages from 2001 to 2005. He returned to Cameroon and took another teaching position at ENS/ENSET Bambili to lecture English Language in 2011 and 20122.

Mr. Nga Gasper joined Elections Cameroon in 2010 and was appointed ELECAM Divisional Branch Head for Bui Division where he successfully organized the 2011 Presidential Elections in that Division. He was later in 2012 appointed Elections Cameroon North West Regional Delegate, a position he held until his recent appointment into the Electoral Board on July 12, 2022. He observed elections in 2005 in Cyprus and has attended many capacity building workshops on elections management.

He is married and is a father.

En 2022, il a prêté le serment suivant devant le Conseil Constitutionnel : « je jure de bien et fidèlement remplir mes fonctions, de les exercer en toute impartialité dans le respect de la Constitution et des lois en vigueur, de garder le secret des délibérations et des votes, de ne prendre aucune position publique, de ne donner aucune consultation sur les questions relevant de la compétence d’Elections Cameroon. »