Civic education


Political Parties

Among the electoral actors, the political parties have a very important role to play as they contribute to the expression of the suffrage of the citizens.

Thus, political parties must remember that an election is not being prepared on the eve of the poll. They need, pending the start of the operations of the electoral lists to develop strategies for:

The mobilization and orientation of citizens so that they register on the electoral list;
The assistance of their members and supporters in obtaining the National Identity Card (CNI), without which the identification of these citizens will be difficult.
Political parties must also take advantage of the provisions of the new Electoral Code in order to fully understand their role in the electoral process and to fulfill it fully when the time comes.


Every citizen of voting age, while waiting for the start of the electoral roll operations, would benefit from doing four things:

  • to remain attentive in order to be able to follow, when the time comes, information on the practicalities of the recasting that ELECAM will broadcast to the public;
  • ensure that he holds a National Identity Card, a document allowing him to be formally identified at the time of enrollment;
  • inquire with neighborhood neighbors or villages of the polling places closest to his residence to be able to choose, without hesitation, his voting center at the time of registration;
  • locate the communal antenna of ELECAM of his commune to access the exact information.
  • From Civil Society

Civil Society Organizations
In terms of registration on the electoral roll, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) can contribute to the smooth running of operations by participating in the information and awareness campaign that will take place throughout the recasting operations. electoral lists.

To support the electoral process, CSOs must:

  • continue to operate at the grassroots level, that is to say in the different municipalities of the national territory;
  • also to incorporate the provisions of the new Electoral Code in order to have accurate information on the process;
  • network to make their action more effective;
  • to weave their own network of communication with the Cameroonians of the Earth.